ASGB Member Gallery

Ivy Boyer Glass Bead Pendant

Ivy Boyer

I started taking lampwork classes in 2003, but got more involved in 2011 when I joined the ASGB. I love making beads and can’t wait to see what new direction my beads will take.

Mary Brown-Martilik

I love the ASGB community and all of the great teachers that our board brings to us in the Phoenix area.

I also participate in Beads of Courage and a variety of metal, stone, and fused glass teaching and learning opportunities in Sun City clubs.

Art Beads and Jewelry

Adrienne Buffington

My beads and jewelry embody my delight of spontaneity and fascinating relationships. Every single piece I make is unique, because I love the challenge of design and improvisation as much as I enjoy the labor of crafting a new creation.  In my jewelry, I choose combinations of colors, textures and shapes that are sophisticated and dynamic.

Rosa Caird

Using my hands creatively brings my ideas to life, which I find exciting. I love playing with glass and always feel like a child on Christmas morning when I open the kiln to see smiling little glass faces inside. Fused glass is often used as a backdrop for my bead scenes.

Kathryn Guler

Using my hands creatively brings my ideas to life, which I find exciting. Learning and exploring new processes to layer on existing skills gives me an opportunity to realize new depth in my work. Sometimes my hands guide the work, and at other times my hands are reacting to the media, helping me learn new ways to present my ideas through my work.

Allyson Lee

I am just embarking into this amazing hobby. I was fortunate enough to be the benefactor of the late Jeannie Cox’s (a long time member of ASGB) legacy both literally and figuratively. With the blessing of her husband, Tom, I set up a studio in my garage in an attempt to “carry her torch”.

But it wasn’t just the equipment. It was much more; through her videos on Youtube, she also gave me a great foundational knowledge of the art. Jeannie exudes a certain je ne sais quoi that makes it easier to believe in yourself. I think the best way to describe it is her love, understanding and generally caring attitude. I wouldn’t be doing this without her.


You can find Jeannie’s videos at: Jeannie Cox