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ASGB 2022 Membership dues are $35 ($60 per couple) and can be paid to Treasurer Beth Eliason using Paypal.

When sending payment include your name and email  in the description and, in Paypal USE “SENDING TO A FRIEND” SO FEES ARE NOT DEDUCTED

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The Arizona Society of Glass Beadmakers (ASGB) is a group of like-minded glass beadmakers who support the following:

•Promotion of the art, education and creativity of lamp working;
•Connecting, socializing, sharing, and collaborating;
•Encouragement and support for new and experienced glass beadmakers alike;

The ASGB is proud to be the original supporter of the Beads of Courage (BOC) Program, and continues to collect bead donations at each meeting. BOC helps children RECORD, TELL, and OWN their stories of courage during treatment for cancer and other serious illnesses. ASGB members help by proving Act of Courage beads to mark milestones in children’s treatment journeys.

We’re virtual right now, but still finding ways to get together. Check out our Upcoming Events below for links to Happy Hours, Challenges, and Class Times.

What ASGB is up to:

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November 2021 – ASGB + Beads of Courage Event Results